Mission Statement

The Iu-Mien Association of Oregon initially started under the banner of Mutual Assistance Associations "MAA" in 1982.

With the help of an expert from Indochinese and Culture Services Center, we started the Nonprofit Organization 501c-3 and became incorporation in 1982 and became the Iu-Mien Association of Oregon. The organization was created to assist and support the Iu-Mien communities in Oregon on their path to self-sufficiency while affirming the preservation of Iu-Mien language, culture, and traditions.

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** IMAO Chiem Wang Meng Community Service Scholarship Application **

About Iu-Mien Association of Oregon

The Iu-Mien Association of Oregon provided assistance and support to the Iu-Mien communities in Oregon and provided services to help families adapt and adopt the new language and become more acclimated to the mainstream American culture to become contributing members of American society. The Iu-Mien Association of Oregon also served as contact point to the local and national government institutions that managed the resettlement of refugees, a bridge for the communication gaps between the Iu-Mien communities in Oregon and others, and promote the Iu-Mien culture and tradition here at home and abroad.

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Be Informed

Our blog section is updated as needed with the latest news and information regarding the Iu-Mien community in the Pacific Northwest.

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Stay Connected

Find out about clubs, youth groups, seasonal events, and services that are offered within our community. While we continue to develop this section, please visit Oregon Iu-Mien Community on Facebook for more information.

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